Why oh Why

ID-10012725I am three days back from my winter trek to the northeast.  This has been one of the roughest winters they’ve had in a while, so of course I thought it would be a good idea to take my southern ass up there and go play some shows.  Me, who has a good coat but no gloves.  Lots of long sleeved shirts but no wool socks. And i only had an ice scraper for the windshield because my yankee wife was smart enough to stick one in the car. If I’d have known it was there it would have been very helpful.

But i figured I’d be mostly in my car – where honky tonk players spend most of their time – or in a nice toasty bar, and it turns out that’s exactly what happened. I’m not really gonna go skiing or anything like that.  I played a bunch of shows to pretty full houses, crowds that were very welcoming and very happy to get out of the house and move a little.

All in all, I really did have a great time and so I’ll probably be back next winter.  ‘Cause I’m not all that bright.  But I do know how to have fun in any kind of weather.

 –Tompkins County Blues,  a song about winter

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