The Devil’s at the Door – the Writing of “Lost Behind the Wall”

Lost Behind the Wall is a unique song for me.  My best friend Lewis ran into some serious trouble that irreversibly changed his life forever, and I wanted to write a tribute song to him.  The song is about events that actually happened.

A lot of my songs are based on real people, but the stories I tell about those people are not biographical.  And while my songs are almost always written in first person, they are not autobiographical either.

This song, though, is inspired by real, actual events.  I wanted to tell the story, but I didn’t want to do a standard narrative style – A happened, then B happened, etc.

I wrote in my usual, most favored style, which is to paint images using the fewest possible words.  The story, for me, is about despair and its consequences.  By using images without the narrative storyline, I was able to give listeners some wiggle room to take whatever parts of the song that speak to them and make the story personal to their own experience.

After all, the devil knocks on everybody’s door eventually.Lewis 002

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