Support Indie Music. If you like it, buy it. And if you don’t buy it, at least steal it and tell everybody that you like it.

As most of ya’ll know, I FaceBook obsessively.

I’ve been seeing a cool banner making the rounds on FB.

It reads:


Now let me start by saying that I love selling records (I know technically they’re CDs, but to me they’ll always be records) 

When fans ask me where they can buy my records I get almost giddy. When they actually buy my records, Hell I get over the top giddy. If they ask me to sign a record they just bought I get as giddy as a school girl.

But what about the people who think they may like your music but aren’t committed enough to make a $15.00 investment. Or maybe they don’t have $15.00. Or maybe a $15.00 expenditure would seriously cut into their ability to pay the ticket price, or worse cut into their beer money.

History hasn’t left us with a record of who the very first Indie artist was, but I can promise you that ten minutes after he decided to go indie he ran up against the hard cold reality that to a lot of people if they haven’t seen it on TV, or heard it on the radio, then it’s not real music. Hell sometimes even if it’s on the radio but not on TV it isn’t real music to a more than fair amount of people.

In this modern age of easily downloadable songs and YouTube where every poorly recorded bootleg lives on forever it’s easy to forget that it cost somebody real money to produce and manufacture those records. That there are hard costs involved in producing records.

This isn’t a screed against downloaders or bootleggers. Quite the opposite in fact. I’ve long since given up on the notion that I can control what happens to the content of my records after I release them to the public, and let me say that since it’s gotten easier to download music I don’t really blame people who download songs or videos of music that they like and are drawn to. However, if you’re going to take it and not pay for it, at least do me the courtesy of telling everybody you know that it’s good music. Go ahead and share it on your FB page. Tell all your friends about it.

I don’t have a problem being bootlegged. I find it kind of flattering that people wanted it enough to steal it…I’m just weird that way.

I write songs because I have something I want to say. The more people that hear it, the happier I am. I play music because I love a joyous racket and if fans are attracted to that joyous racket, then I’m glad.

I would request though that you at least compensate me for the recording by sharing it with people you think may like it. If you can’t pay cash please pay in kind services.

Who knows maybe bootlegs or downloads will boost ticket sales.

I make my living selling tickets. Anything that helps me do that is OK in my book.


  1. thanks for share!

  2. Spoken like the ultimate indie.Fantastic.


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