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The Unexplainable Billy Eli

Billy Eli writes tight, lean songs played with an inviting groove His songs of love, longing, the road, and getting by are, in his words, sometimes happy, sometimes sad.

His current release, “The UnExplainable Billy Eli,” pulls painfully raw emotions from his gut and turns them into haunting, affecting, melody-driven songs. The themes begun in his earlier work continue here, deeper, stronger, and with the sense of urgency that comes when you begin to sense the downhill side of the journey.

A more personal, darker take on Eli’s recurring themes of loss, regret, and moving on, these 11 tunes include collaborations with producer Doug Robinson, Ken Stringfellow (Posies, REM), and Rosie Flores (the Rockabilly Filly).

Eli’s honky tonk roots are still evident in many of the tracks, but there are also haunting melodies and memorable stories.

Eli hasn’t abandoned his honky-tonk roots, though, especially with songs such as “Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman” and “Burning Down The Beer Joints.”

“That’s my wheelhouse, the wellspring that I flow from,” he said. “Even if I was doing James Taylor songs, they’d have some honk in them, because that’s just me. But I think we bridged a lot of genres on this record.”