Something’s Going On



Errant Music proudly announces the re-release of Billy Eli’s first album, Something’s Going On. Billy had a banner year in 2011 – his album “Hell Yeah” was listed as one of the Top 100 Albums of the Year on the Roots Music Reports Roots Country list, and he was featured in the book “Never Heard of ‘Em: the Indie Music Explosion in Austin 1994-2000” among other accomplishments. This re-issue of the album that started him off gives fans a chance to purchase this previously very hard to find album.

Back in the early ’90′s, Billy Eli recorded his first album, Something’s Going On (1994, Music Lane). As is true of most people involved in movements, he had no idea at that time that he was in the vanguard of a musical shift in the record industry.

His album received very positive reviews, but languished in relative obscurity due to forces beyond his control at that point. First, as a “rock” album that didn’t sound like other rock albums of its time, radio programmers and record store buyers didn’t know quite how to categorize it in the every tightening pool of music categories. Without a clear fit on either the rigid radio playlists or the music store stocking labels, the record was all too often passed over solely because it didn’t fit into the pre-printed labels music back then was required to mold itself to. Good music wasn’t just good music. It either fit a label or it was tossed.

A few years later, the musical genre of “Americana” was coined. Loosely defined as sophisticated music harkening to the roots of one or another genre of American music, this new name provided a rebirth for albums such as Billy’s, music that could now be properly labeled and placed in the appropriate bin at the store. So Billy, without ever changing a lick, miraculously evolved into an Americana musician. Whatever. As long as people now get a chance to hear the music.

This release marks the very first time this album has been commercially available in digital format.

Player Credits:

Billy Eli
vocals, guitar

Jordan Egler
electric guitar

Phil Achee
drums, background vocals

David Sydow

Lunn Evans

Mike McCarrel

Mark McMillan
bass, background vocals

Ginnette Benedict
background vocals