Neal and Jack join the Spooklights

I’ve picked up a couple of new Spooklights I’d like to introduce to you.  Both of them came to me through connections with my guitar player and sometime producer, Jim Hemphill.  That probably makes him the MVP for the moment.  Until someone shows up with a bottle.

IMG_0633Neal Robinson is a lifelong friend of Jim, or at least, they’ve known each other their entire lives. Neal grew up in State Center, Iowa, and now lives in Minneapolis.  He’s played bass in a variety of R&B and rock bands mostly based in Des Moines, and co-wrote and and recorded a reggae EP in 2004 that hit radio stations in over 20 countries, including Kingston, Jamaica.  Billy describes Neal’s bass lines as “badass.”

jack bowers




Jack Bowers lives in Macon, Georgia.  Jack started playing harmonica at 14. When Jim,  the Spooklights’ lead guitar player,  was in Macon in 1994, he and Jack formed “Four Drink Minimum,” a “basement band.” After Jim moved back to Texas, Jack played for the Barrell House Ballers, Keith Williams, and a number of jam bands. For the last three and a half years, Jack was a member of Boot Hill the Band, a popular band in Macon and the Southeast. Jack played harmonica and was the back-up vocalist.  Jim recently introduced Billy to Jack, and now it can never be undone.jack playing

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